Brigitta, a native of Vienna, Austria, grew up bilingual in German and English as she attended an international school. In her early 20s, she moved to the United States, first to New York City and then to California. Since 2000, she has been living with her family in Bellevue, Washington. In 2011, Brigitta began her journey in the healing arts.

Massage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy

Brigitta has been a licensed massage therapist since 2012. She finds this work to be incredibly grounding and enjoys working with clients. Brigitta worked for chiropractic clinics for over 10 years, which helped her become a skillful medical massage therapist. She also worked for Gene Juarez & Spa in Bellevue, WA for 7 years before starting her own business in 2022. Since 2016, Brigitta has also worked as a certified craniosacral therapist, which has helped her refine her skills in listening to the body on a much deeper level.

Parent Coaching 

In July 2021 Brigitta got certified as a parent coach through the Parent Coaching Institute in Bellingham, WA. This is a one-year graduate level program and teaches parent coaching worldwide. She started this program in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. This was a perfect time to do 100 hours of volunteer coaching that she needed to complete for the certification program. It was a challenging time, but a great time to dive in and explore how to help parents. 

Mindfulness Coaching for Youth

Through her parent coaching experience, Brigitta has developed an interest in working with teens and young adults. She is offering mindfulness coaching which includes grounding exercises and meditation.

Personalized Guided Meditation

Brigitta offers guided meditation for all ages. Having been a meditation student since 1998, she has developed her own unique style to guide clients through meditation. Guided meditation can be integrated into coaching sessions, bodywork sessions, or offered as a stand-alone session. Through these meditations, Brigitta aims to help you deeply connect with your body and mind, explore your inner world, and enhance your health and personal power.

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