Parent Coaching for individuals and couples


What is parent coaching and what can you expect from theses sessions?

Parent coaching is similar to life coaching, but with a focus on parenting. As a parent coach, Brigitta aims to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore your parenting challenges and any other challenges in your life that may be affecting your parenting. If we come across any particularly difficult challenges that are outside of Brigitta’s scope of training, she will let you know. Parent coaching helps shed light on the strengths and positive characteristics of each family member. By shifting our focus to what is working, we can create positive change. Together, we will explore how small positive steps can lead to big healthy changes that promote more flow and balance within the family unit.


Brigitta received her certification from The Parent Coaching Institute, which teaches its students the Appreciative Inquiry Model used successfully around the world by life coaches, as well as leadership coaches in different types of corporations and organizations. This model follows the 4 Ds: Discovery, Dream (which we will refer to as your preferred future), Design, and Destiny. The format of the 8-10 sessions will follow this model.


What is the format of our sessions?

  • 1st session: Intake
  • 2nd-3rd session: Discovery (What is working, what is not working?)
  • 3rd-4th session: Dream/Preferred Future (Getting a clear vision of the future.)
  • 4th-9th session: Design (Implementing small, strength-based steps leading to your preferred future.)
  • last session: Destiny (Creating a plan on how to continue and maintain a more balanced home-life based on what you learned and successfully implemented in your Design sessions.)


If you’re interested in learning more about parent coaching and have any questions, Brigitta offers a free 30-minute consultation



PCI Certified Parent Coach®

The Parent Coaching Institute is a one-year, graduate level certificate program in Washington and teaches parent coaching worldwide.