What is Youth Mindfulness Coaching? 

Mindfulness is often portrayed as being slow and boring, but actually it can be dynamic. By being mindful, you are becoming aware of your inner self and your true inner self is very dynamic. There is a lot of power within you and Brigitta would love to help you discover that in these sessions.


What can you expect from these sessions?

Brigitta will guide you to get in touch with your inner strengths, and together, you will explore how to apply these in the real world. There is a strong focus on going inward, which includes grounding exercises, guided meditations, exploring your thoughts and emotions. 

It is important for Brigitta to take the time to get to know you during these sessions. She wants to learn about your passions and help you explore possible hidden talents.



  • Excellent knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry model, which was incorporated in Brigitta's year-long Parent Coaching Training. This model is successfully uesd around the world in business, executive and life coaching.
  • Brigitta has successfully been doing guided meditations for adults since 2016 and has been introducing guided meditations to youth since 2022.
  • Volunteering to mentor/coach youth since 2022. 
  • Included Youth Mindfulness Coaching in her practice in 2023.