Parent Coaching


Brigitta coached me for 12 sessions when my teenage daughter and I were adapting to being at home together during the pandemic. Brigitta was a source of positive support and great ideas. She helped me process the underlying issues that lay behind the problems I was experiencing and totally transformed my way of thinking about my situation and how to approach things from a much more positive viewpoint. She really inspired hope and new perspectives for me as a parent and as a woman trying to navigate the challenges that I was having at that time.  - Liza M., Bellevue, WA


Brigitta supported my journey of being the best father I can be. I have one teenage daughter and although we have a great bond it has been getting more and more difficult to connect as she gets older. Brigitta helped me focus on what I need to do to maintain my connection with my daughter as she becomes a young independent adult. Her scheduling was flexible around my work commitments and we always managed to get in a weekly session. Brigitta challenged me to think outside the box and value all the positives I have to work with.  - Joe O., Bellevue, WA 


Brigitta's compassion came at just the right time for me! I needed her outside perspective to help me best navigate this time in my life as a single mom with a daughter beginning to make life decisions after college. Brigitta's gentle guidance along the path of exploring this new relationship with my daughter was invaluable. She was able to help me realize my strengths, to rely on those strengths to forge this new relationship. - Gretchen I., Chattanooga, TN


Brigitta has been instrumental in my growth in parenting for my son, her method of asking questions and helping you discover your goals has been super insightful.  I can say the tools she has helped me develop and ensure I am putting them in place has been a game changer for me.  I feel stronger in the relationship I continue to foster with my son and this is due to her coaching and guidance to help me reach my happy place as a mom.  - Mildred J., Bellevue, WA 


Brigitta is a skilled, compassionate counselor.  Her insights have been incredibly helpful, and her support invaluable.  - Sharon F. J., Bellevue, WA