Guided Meditation 


I was diagnosed with cancer one year ago. I am now in remission but have developed peripheral neuropathy from the chemotherapy, which is constant pins and needles and numbness in hands and feet.

I started doing meditation sessions with Brigitta and it has been a great experience. 

As neuropathy is to do with the nerves, the meditation calms me down for a good nights sleep and less numbness and tingling.

She skillfully guided me to visualise my body on a cellular level and by the end of the meditation the pins,  needles and numbness were reduced greatly and especially in the hands.

Brigitta is wonderful and has such a fantastic energy and positivity.

I am so happy to be healing with her light of positivity. I can highly recommend her.                                                 - Elaine G., Vienna, Austria


I’ve done two meditation sessions with Brigitta. I’ve never done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect. I was having some anxiety at work and she suggested I try meditating with her. She set up a meeting to discuss what we needed to focus on for our meditation. Then we set up the meditation for a few days later. Our sessions were very productive. She was very thorough on narrowing down what my anxieties were. She then catered the sessions to show me techniques on how to overcome my fears. She’s such a great listener and her methods were so helpful. Her soothing voice and sincere care really connected with me. She even took extra time a few days later to follow up and see how I was doing. I highly recommend Brigitta!   - Tina D., Lakewood, Colorado