Massage & Craniosacral


You’ve exceeded my expectations!! I feel so much better after the massage! - Laura M., Bellevue, WA


My husband and I have gone to Brigitta for massages for the past 6+ years. We know she is the best because whenever we feel a strain in our back or any other part of the body, one session with her and the pain is gone! Brigitta adjusts the pressure as the client wants it and at the end of her massage you realize how much you truly needed it. I especially like the Craniosacral treatment she has given me when needed. I felt my muscles healing after this treatment. Brigitta’s head massage is to die for! it's been hard to find someone who does it so well. We would recommend her in a heartbeat as the best massage therapist in the King County area. - Krithika C., Bellevue, WA


I have found relief both physically and mentally through craniosacral therapy with Brigitta. These treatments were instrumental in alleviating discomfort I had been experiencing from back surgery and an overall active lifestyle. Through a series of sessions, The chronic pain I was experiencing was reduced dramatically and I was able to resume my daily activities with noticeably less discomfort. Brigitta is very knowledgeable and has a very kind and thoughtful approach. I highly recommend her services.                         - Sharman G., Bellevue, WA


Brigitta has been our massage therapist for 12 years. She has an amazing sense of knowing what areas to work on as soon as she starts massaging. Whenever I, my husband,  or our son have any specific issues in an area of our body, Brigitta will focus on that area and the next day the pain is gone. 

Her special knowledge and caring hands makes craniosacral treatments unique and over the top amazing.  I have never slept so well or felt stress just melt away until I received my first craniosacral experience. My husband has benefited from craniosacral as well, especially with tension in his neck.  This treatment is one of a kind and so is Brigitta, I can’t say enough about how she works on making you feel better.  She is amazing!  - Mildred J., Bellevue WA


Brigitta is an amazing and intuitive massage therapist. She has helped me to feel better after years of neck and hip pain. She has an approach which is therapeutic and soothing at the same time. Brigitta always works on just the right area where I have the worst discomfort, so I know she is addressing the root cause of my issues.

Brigitta checks in with me and makes sure she is tailoring her approach to my individual needs from session to session. She has knowledge of many approaches and I love how she is interested in holistic medicine and how the mind, body and spirit work together for overall health and well-being. Her sessions involve nurturing body and mind so that at the end of the session I feel restored and peaceful.

- Liza M., Bellevue, WA


Brigitta is an amazing medical massage therapist wiho is very intuitive when it comes to relieving aches and pains for clients.  Months ago, I was suffering from terrible neck, shoulder, and lower back pain following a car accident.  Since then, I began my treatments with Brigitta on a weekly basis and today I am so grateful that her healing hands minimized my discomfort. Each and every time I visit her, she leads with asking me to describe the pain I'm feeling and then tailors my massage around these pain points.  What's also very appreciated is that she is always attentive with anticipating client preferences by offering heat to the massage table, a leg rest to keep me comfortable, and water when the massage is over. I'm very thankful to have met Brigitta and for all that she has had in my healing.  - Syreeta M., Bellevue, WA


I'm an advocate of massage, have had quite a few treatments through the years, and can tell a good technique as my body responds favorably and quickly to it. I suffer from fibromyalgia, had several scar tissues from surgeries and accidents so I am familiar with chronic pain and discomfort. 

After the initial conversation about my health history and what was ailing me Brigitta started the treatment. The atmosphere was very relaxing with heated bed. Her strokes while slow and gentle were strong and purposeful. After thoroughly warming up my muscles, she targeted the problem areas with deep tissue trigger points which helped with my chronic pain and alleviated the muscle spasms and reduced tensions. She was vigilant with her strokes, I could tell the first ten minutes that she was extremely good. She had a good technique and knew how to release the toughest muscles. By the end of the first session, I had better range of motion on my shoulders, like my muscles were breathing again. Her strokes isolated the deep muscles, so I had better muscle function and less pain. Gradually she was able to reduce the adhesion and the scar tissue from surgeries.  I saw her once a week for several months and my body responded extremely well to her treatments. 

Brigitta is a highly trained, experienced and outstanding licensed massage and craniosacral practitioner.  I had great results and you will too!!  - Silva B., Seattle, WA


I became a type 2 diabetic about 15 years ago. One of the issues I have been dealing with is neuropathy of the feet. In working with the circulation problem, Brigitta will stimulate the blood flow in a way that you can actually feel it travelling down through the legs to the feet and the toes. The treatment Brigitta applied has revived some sensation, minimized the pain, and moderated the constricted feeling that I have in my toes and feet. By massaging other muscle groups in the body, my overall circulation is much better. This equates to: Normalized blood pressure, improved energy, and a good sense of well-being. As a result of having less overall muscle tightness, I feel that it has improved my range of motion in multiple areas. Brigitta has been doing massage therapy on me for about two years. In my opinion, the quality of service I have received has been of real benefit to me.  - Jimmy P., Bellevue WA


Thank you so much for the massage! In case you don’t know, you make people’s lives better just by doing what you do so well! Thank you for being who you are!

Fondly, Sherrie S., Belleuve, WA